pCAM Pro’s Advancements

and Added Features:

• pCAM Classic was built in 2009 with iOS 2, and Apple is currently on iOS 12. It held up well for 10 years, but its legacy code reached the point where it could no longer remain on the App Store and be updated.

• pCAM Pro is the new generation, a separate and robust app rewritten from the ground up. It offers much more than its predecessor!

• User-friendly interface, including support for iPads and iPhone X’s.

• Automatic server updates to new cameras.

• Camera, Lighting and Favorites lists with reordering.

• Incremental +/- distance and focal length changes.

• Dynamic calculations (displays result instantly as each value is entered).

• Improved searches.

• 4 test charts (Siemens).

• Diagonal Focal Length Matching.

• Blue/green screen with VFX tracking markers.

• Added color FoV Preview images.

• On-the-fly, keypad units conversion.

• White or Black Insert Slates.

• Degrees to Radians in Conversions.

• Widget, Launch Center Pro and Siri Shortcut ready.

• 27 months in the making, and more to come — soon updated Reference databases.

• We appreciate your continued support.

Depth of Field

- Near, Far, Total, Hyperfocal & Percentage Distances
- Unlimited user-definable Camera Formats & CoC
- Automatic server updates to new Cameras
- Incremental +/- distance & focal length changes
- Camera, Lighting, and Favorites lists with reordering

Field of View with Preview

- Match shots based on Distance & Focal Length
- Portrait and Landscape camera positions
- 8 Preview Illustrations
- Adjustable safe area masks, 90% - 92% - 95%

Splits - Aperture Finder

- Calculates Aperture required to keep two objects in focus

Focal Length Match

- Matches focal lengths of different camera formats
- Matches vertical, horizontal or diagonal dimensions
- Also useful for tech scouts, pick camera lenses based on your still shots

Relative Size

- Compares both Digital Sensors & Film Camera Formats
- Apples to apples comparison.
- Compares true physical size, not the pixels


- Technical charts, lists and tables
- False Color/Exposure Change
- Cine Lens Manufacturers
- Zone System
- Miniature Shooting
- Safe Panning Speeds
- Cine Film Stocks
- 2018 Camera comparisons


- Compensates for changes in:
- Shutter Angle
- Filters
- Exposure Index
- Light (foot-candles, lux)

HMI Flicker - free

- Helps determine Shutter & Camera Speeds for Flicker-free shooting
- Needed for HMI lights
- Both 60 Hz and 50 Hz
- Includes table for Speeds at any Shutter Angle

Insert Slate

- Convenient for tight shots or small
areas like Table Top
- Toggle buttons for Int or Ext
- Toggle buttons for Dawn, Day, Dusk or Nite
- Toggle buttons for Sync or MOS
- Toggle buttons for Filter, FPS, Unit, or Notes
- Black or White backgrounds

Eye Light - Chroma Key

- Run & Gun closeup photography
- Eye-light or catch-light
- Adjustable color temp
- Green or Blue Screen with VFX tracking markers
- Miniature light-box
- Tabletop photography

Light Effects

- Animated Lighting Effects
- Templates for Fire / Strobe / Police
Siren / Lightning / Neon / Television / Flashbulb
- Create unlimited custom animations
- Playback Light Effects on HDTV screens, via Apple TV!

Mired Shift - Gel Selector

- Helps choose Color Correction gels
- 4 Manufacturers gel numbers


Converts the following:
- Length & Distance
- Illuminance (foot-candles, lux)
- Color Temperature (kelvin, mireds, decamireds)
- Angle (degrees, radians)

Test Charts (Siemens)

- 4 charts to choose from
- Use to check "eye focus”
- Setting lens back focus
- Tabletop focus assistance


- Calculate focus Distance from known camera Height, Length or Angle
- Useful when subject is over water or over a cliff
- Or Camera is on a crane
- Use to calculate Image Circle

Running Time to Length

- Calculate film running time to length
- Variable FPS for off-speed results
- All formats from 8mm to 65/70mm

Shooting to Screen Time

- Determine time that off-speed shots will be on screen
- Variable Camera Speeds
- Variable Projector Speeds

Color Correction

- Which filters required to "correct" for Tungsten or Daylight
- Shows Stop Loss & Mireds
- Picker displays kelvin for all common light situations
- Unlimited manual Kelvin temps

Time Lapse

- Shooting Interval
- Event Duration
- Screen Time
- Exposure Time
- Variable Projector Speed

Scene Illumination

- Peak Beam Intensity (candelas) at any Distance
- Footcandles or Lux

Light Coverage

- Determine Light Spread of Lamps
- Beam Angle
- Beam Width
- Distance

Underwater Distance

- Calculates underwater distance using flats ports
- Determines underwater focus distance based on
measured surface distance


- Calculates near and far distance of diopters
- Recalibrates lens barrel focus marks


- Depth of Field
- Corrected stop
- Adjustable fill percentage
- Magnification factor