completely reimagined from the ground up for both iPad and iPhone

"The Swiss army knife

of cinema and photography apps"

Developed by a working camera technician who understands that
 calculations must be done quickly, simply and on the run.

Differs from other photography apps. Graphical interface helps the user understand how each calculation is applied.

A time-tested, industry-standard tool


Used by film industry pros and students for two decades, pCAM was originally developed in 1998 for the Palm device.


62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Engineering Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.”

Technical Achievement Award from Society of Camera Operators. “For outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development of the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator.”

pCAM Pro - 24 Tools in One App

Depth of Field

Field of View/Preview

Splits - Aperture Finder

Focal Length Match

Relative Size



HMI Flicker-Free

Insert Slate

Eye Light - Chroma Key

Light Effects

Mired Shift - Gel Selector


Test Charts (Siemens)


Running Time to Length

Shooting to Screen Time

Color Correction

Time Lapse

Scene Illumination

Light Coverage

Underwater Distance



Testimonials and Reviews

A great, useful app. Worth twice the price.


If you’re looking to preview field of view, calculate focal length matches, or just access the numerous reference charts which you might need out on a shoot, this “swiss army knife” cinema app has you covered.

No Film School(read review)

This new version of pCAM Pro offers users an affordable, yet prolifically curated collection of technical data designed around and for the needs of serious Still Photographer and Cinematographers everywhere.

ProVideo Coalition(read review)

As a working cinematographer, this is the one app I use all the time. It's elegant and powerful. If pCAM didn't exist, I'm not sure what I would do.


This is the most thought out camera app tool I've ever used. It's been around forever and improved upon all the way. Field of View function is worth it on its own!!!! Professional to say the least.


I've used this app to plan out entire Shot-lists...

Bluejay V

All necessary topics are covered; this is the „Swiss army knife“ for photographers.


As a Steadicam operator, I use this app at least once on every shoot! Always up to date and easy to use. Worth every penny!


I love this app. It's easy to use and helps me sort out my lens choices during pre production. It's one of those apps you wonder, ‘how did I get along before without it’.


...With consistent new updates and apps, pCAM is absolutely worth every penny!


This app should be considered a mandatory tool for anyone involved in cinematography, just like a light meter...

Glenn Derry

As a 30 year veteran Hollywood 1st AC, this has been my go to reference app when it first came out as a Palm Pilot app. I have been using it since 2002 and have since stopped carrying around the ASC Cinematographers Hand Book.