pCAM Pro picks up where
the original
pCAM Classic left off
– with more tools, features & cameras –
(scroll to bottom for full list)

Speed Booster® Adapter

- No more guessing, compare exactly to other sensors, focal length matching, field of view, depth of field
- Calculates Reduced Focal Length
- Calculates Boosted Aperture
- Create Custom Camera Formats with adapters attached, for use in other tools like Depth of Field
- 4 adapters to choose: 0.50x – 0.58x – 0.64x – 0.71x

Depth of Field

- Near, Far, Total, Hyperfocal & Percentage Distances
- Unlimited user-definable Camera Formats & CoC
- Automatic server updates to new Cameras
- Incremental +/- distance & focal length changes
- Camera, Lighting, and Favorites lists with reordering

Field of View

- Match shots based on Distance & Focal Length
- Portrait and Landscape camera positions
- Lock in FoV, Distance or Focal Length

FoV Preview

- 8 Preview Illustrations for designing shots
- Lock in Distance or Focal Length, then pinch to zoom in or out for desired composition
- Adjustable safe area masks, 90% - 92% - 95%

Splits - Aperture Finder

- Calculates Aperture required to keep two objects in focus
- Shows where to set the lens focus
- Displays Total Depth

Focal Length Match

- Matches focal lengths of different camera formats
- Matches vertical, horizontal or diagonal dimensions
- Also useful for tech scouts, pick camera lenses based on your still shots

Relative Size

- Compares both Digital Sensors & Film Camera Formats
- Apples to apples comparison.
- Compares true physical size, not the pixels


- Technical charts, lists and tables
- False Color/Exposure Change
- Cine Lens Manufacturers
- Zone System
- Miniature Shooting
- Safe Panning Speeds
- Cine Film Stocks
- Diopter Distance Table
- 2018 Camera comparisons


Compensates for changes in:
- Shutter Angle
- Filters (plus unlimited, user-definable filters)
- Exposure Index
- Light (foot-candles, lux)
- Also calculates Exposure Time

HMI Flicker - free

- Helps determine Shutter & Camera Speeds for Flicker-free shooting
- Needed for HMI lights
- Both 60 Hz and 50 Hz
- Includes table for Speeds at any Shutter Angle

Insert Slate (MOS)

- Convenient for tight shots or small
areas like Table Top
- Toggle buttons for Int or Ext
- Toggle buttons for Dawn, Day, Dusk or Nite
- Toggle buttons for Sync or MOS
- Toggle buttons for Filter, FPS, Unit, or Notes
- 4 font colors
- Black or White backgrounds

Eye Light - Chroma Key

- Run & Gun closeup photography
- Eye-light or catch-light
- Adjustable color temp
- Green or Blue Screen with VFX tracking markers
- Miniature light-box
- Tabletop photography

Light Effects

- Animated Lighting Effects
- Templates for Fire / Strobe / Police
Siren / Lightning / Neon / Television / Flashbulb
- Create unlimited custom animations
- Playback Light Effects on HDTV screens, via Apple TV!

Mired Shift - Gel Selector

- Helps choose Color Correction gels
- Shows Mired results and gel numbers
- 4 gel Manufacturers to choose from


Converts the following:
- Length & Distance (imperial or metric)
- Illuminance (foot-candles, lux)
- Color Temperature (kelvin, mireds, decamireds)
- Angle (degrees, radians)

Test Charts (Siemens)

- 4 charts to choose from
- Use to check "eye focus”
- Setting lens back focus
- Tabletop focus assistance


- Calculate focus Distance from known camera Height, Length or Angle
- Useful when subject is over water or over a cliff
- Or Camera is on a crane
- Use to calculate Image Circle

Running Time to Length

- Calculate film running time to length
- Variable FPS for off-speed results
- All formats from 8mm to 65/70mm to IMAX
- Displays frames per foot for each format

Shooting to Screen Time

- Determine time that off-speed shots will be on screen
- Variable Camera Speeds
- Variable Projector Speeds

Color Correction

- Which filters required to "correct" for Tungsten or Daylight
- Shows Stop Loss & Mireds
- Picker displays kelvin for all common light situations
- Unlimited manual Kelvin temps

Time Lapse

- Shooting Interval
- Event Duration
- Screen Time
- Exposure Time
- Variable Projector Speed

Scene Illumination

- Peak Beam Intensity (candelas) at any Distance
- Foot-candles or Lux

Light Coverage

- Determine Light Spread of Lamps
- Beam Angle
- Beam Width
- Distance

Underwater Distance

- Calculates underwater distance using flats ports
- Determines underwater focus distance based on
measured surface distance


- Calculates near and far distance of diopters
- Recalibrates lens barrel focus marks


- Pick your focal length, fill %, stop, object size, camera format
- Image size calculated by chosen camera
- Shows Corrected Stop & Depth of Field
- Adjustable fill percentage
- Magnification factor
- Extension Length

pCAM Pro’s newly added features:

• More user-friendly interface, including new support for iPad, Silicon Mac.

• Speed Booster® Adapter tool.

• Use any camera as a template for custom cameras.

• Automatic server updates to new cameras, so your suggested cameras can now be added immediately.

• Blue or Green screen with color-adjustable VFX tracking markers.

• Diagonal Focal Length Matching.

• Insert Slates (MOS) with either White or Black backgrounds.

• 4 different test charts (Siemens).

• On-the-fly, keypad units conversion (ft,in - ft - in - m - cm - mm - µm).

• Camera, Lighting and Favorites tool lists with reordering.

• Incremental +/- distance and focal length changes.

• Dynamic calculations (displays result instantly as each value is entered).

• Reworked the Exposure tool.

• Added color FoV Preview images.

• Degrees to Radians in Conversions.

• Additional Reference data, charts, technical information.

• Improved Camera searches.

• Widget, 3D Touch, Siri, Siri Shortcuts and Launch Center Pro ready.

• Added 600+ new Cameras (not in the Classic version), and redesigned Custom Camera creator.

• More detailed Camera Format descriptions, with many added anamorphic formats.

• More to come & frequently updated.